Bible Reading Plan – Coming Soon

Starting January 2015, we will be engaging a year-long Bible reading plan as a whole church family. Here are some questions you might be wondering about.



Why would we do this as a whole church family?

  • Its a neat opportunity to get on the same page (literally) with each other.
  • We’ll be reading and reflecting on passages together offering greater opportunities to discuss with each other in our daily lives what we’ve been learning.
  • We’ll have shared discovery of the truths and promises of God in the story of God.

I’m not much of a reader…is it going to be a lot of reading?

  • We won’t be reading the entire Bible in the year as some plans are set up.
  • It will be about a chapter a day, with the suggested challenge of doing some further work on that passage, whether it be a journal entry, writing some notes/questions down about it, or discussing it with your GCM.

Is this mandatory?

  • Uhhh…yes?
  • Did you know that “More than half (53 percent) [of church goers] rarely or never study the Bible”? (LifeWay)
  • We won’t be giving out gold stars for perfect completion on this, but lets not neglect this amazing gift of God’s written word! You don’t have to read this particular plan, but its a good way to get into it.

How can I get started?

  • First, you will need a good Bible. Yes, you can use your app, or even read it online, but I REALLY want to encourage you to get a hardcopy Bible. It will be yours then, and you can actually flip the pages, write in it, highlight, underline, and get to know it better that way. I use and preach from the English Standard Version (ESV) and encourage you to pick up an ESV Study Bible.
  • Next, be sure that you’re signed up for our newsletter where we will include the reading for that week as well as a reflection on a recent passage from time to time. Click here to sign up.
  • Finally, you might want to buy yourself a nice notebook to write in as you study. Personally, I use these Moleskine’s, but you can use whatever.

I’m really looking forward to engaging scripture with you this coming new year. Stay tuned for the actual layout of the plan in another post coming soon.

Pastor Mark Myles

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